I find myself constantly pondering these questions:

Can I do more to contribute to my utmost growth in my career, relationships with friends, family, significant other and in my own personal greatness?

What am I doing or what can I do?

How am I guiding others to understand my needs so they can better support me?

I created Relation Innovator, to provide you with interactive resources and activities that you can immediately apply in your career, relationship paradigm, and personal greatness.

My aspirations are to motivate others on a large scale and help people be successful in their endeavors.

“Mylynh truly cares about the first-year students and ensures their transition to university was easier. She would go beyond what she was asked by reaching out to others and finding resources to help the students. Not only did she help the students within the Biology Living Learning Community (LLC) but other students who also had similar… Continue Reading →

University of Waterloo Peer Mentor

“Loved your session on self-awareness! You’re a great speaker and I was inspired to become a better leader ever since I met you! Thanks for always believing in us and it was a blast to work with you this year.”

AIESEC Non-Profit Youth Organization

“Thank you for taking the time to help make AMPED a successful leadership conference. You put together an incredible presentation and it was enjoyed by the students. I personally enjoyed watching your presentation and felt that you really got the students to connect with each other and with you. Thank you again for all your… Continue Reading →

University of Waterloo Housing and Residence

“I loved your enthusiasm and passion for your microteaching session. You were engaging and your strategy of reiterating for clarification was very well executed. It was an eye-opening approach to the topic and there was good interactivity between participants. The effective question strategy was an interesting topic and very useful.”  

Centre for Teaching Excellence

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